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Office Manager Job Description

I thought you might enjoy reading the office manager job description that I posted to Craigslist last night. I spent some time thinking about how to find a great person who has the right mindset and demeanor to fit in at Punchbowl. And this job description is what came out of that thinking. Every question in the job description has a purpose, and I’ve gotten some very interesting emails today as a result. What do you think? Do you think I’ll find a great office manager with this job posting?


We’re a small consumer Internet start-up company in Framingham, and we’re looking for a part-time office manager. The ideal candidate will be available from 11-2pm every day of the week, and is comfortable with the rapid nature of a tech startup. The Office Manager reports to the CEO. Our CEO is a smart but demanding person who wants an office manager with raw intelligence, a superior memory for details, and a great sense of humor. Rather than sending a resume (which we really don’t want to read), please email a quick summary of your work/life experiences and answer the following questions:

1) Including the current President, who were the last six Presidents of the United States?
2) Fill in the blanks: When I see a _______ I always ________
3) Do you like American Idol? Why or why not?
4) My favorite beer is ___________ from ____________
5) The last website I visited before Craigslist was ___________
6) The email address I used to create an account on is __________

BONUS: Find a picture of a cute puppy online. Send a link to the picture.

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