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How to Develop Fantastic Brand Marketing

In the past few months, Punchbowl has created a series of great Brand Marketing campaigns. Wait, let me try that again…

In the past few months, Punchbowl has created a series of FANTASTIC Brand Marketing campaigns. In fact, I believe we have created the kind of top-notch brand marketing that could rival any Marketing Agency in the world. Really.

How did this come about?  Late last year, I made the decision to promote a long-time employee (Ariel) to Chief Marketing Officer. This is our first CMO at the company, and we now have someone completely dedicated and focused on brand marketing.  Together, Ariel and I are a dynamic duo of creativity and execution. Here are a few recent examples:

1. In mid-October, we launched a campaign to switch Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October. We laid out cogent arguments, and we had lots of press coverage leading up to Halloween.

Brand message: Punchbowl is a thought-leader in the Halloween market, and our Company must be included in any meaningful conversation about the business of Halloween.

2. In late November, we announced the first ever ‘Scratch and Sniff’ digital invitations. We had an AMAZING response from the announcement, and the video we produced was viewed and shared widely.

Brand message: Punchbowl is a technology company. We push the envelope on what is possible, we relentlessly innovate, and we have the best platform and team in the industry.

3. This week, we announced sweeping Management changes across the entire Punchbowl organization (and we tied it into our 2019 Characters Kids Love collection). It was the most fun we’ve had yet.

Brand message: Punchbowl is THE brand in the kids birthday market. We have the partners, platform, and focus on the kids birthday market like no other digital company.

How do I know we’ve developed FANTASTIC brand marketing? Here is my criteria:

1) The marketing underlines who we are and what we believe as a Company

2) The marketing message ties directly into product we want to promote

3) The marketing materials surprise, delight, and are memorable

4) The marketing materials are Creative (with a capital “C”)

5) The execution of the marketing materials are flawless

Indeed, I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. And with every business bone in my body, I wish that our marketing team’s work would be recognized by lots and lots of people (if you think the campaigns deserve recognition too, email me directly, add a comment to this post, or tweet @mattdouglas – it would mean a lot to our team).

With that context, it’s just such a shame I had to ask Ariel and the rest of the Management team to step aside this week…. I explain my decision in the marketing video below. Enjoy.



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